About Bancardsales & Brian Manning

Merchant accounts and payment processing solutions can be a tricky subject to master. If you’re interested in information about merchant accounts, payment processing and ecommerce, we’re here to help by making it simple for you.

Here you’ll find simple and straightforward informational articles that offer advice on searching for, applying and maintaining a merchant account.

We’re leaving out the long winded technical stories and articles related to how the merchant services industry came to be. We have chosen tackle topics that help you use your merchant account effectively and efficiently.

All issues that don’t lend to you making a purchasing decision or don’t in some way add value to how you use your merchant account, will be left out. So, naturally, we like suggestions.

It’s kind of like shopping for a car: if you’re in the market to buy one, you don’t need to know what chemicals the manufacturer puts into the paint to make it red in order to know that you want a red car! You just need to know that the red paint is going to stay on the car after you buy it, and maybe some advice on how to care for the car in the long term.

Similarly, you don’t need to know EVERYTHING about the credit card processing and merchant account industry in order to be a savvy buyer and a smart merchant account user.

About Us - Bancardsales.comAbout This Blog

You will find helpful articles and tips on what to pay attention to when applying for a new merchant account.

You’ll find resources and tools that will help you in your quest to find a fair merchant account program, and you find it presented (we hope) in a very common sense, efficient and easy to understand format.

With that, there are tons of websites from major merchant account providers and credit card processing websites that boast flashy “best on the net” rates and too good to be true programs so it can become an issue of who to trust and who to buy from.

For this reason it become important to arm yourself with the right information that allows you to clearly see which option is best for you.

All of the information on this site is written by or approved by a merchant services professional that has the expert knowledge to advise on all topics related to merchant account setup and account maintenance.

This site is designed to help business owners who seek answers to questions related to merchant accounts and all things connected to payment processing while keeping in mind the perspective of the end user.

Our Goal

To simplify merchant account maintenance by giving practical advice and information to the “every day” merchant account user.

Throughout this website you will find reference materials, articles, and videos that are designed and written to help you simplify the maintenance of your merchant account. The goal is to strip away all of the puzzling jargon and language that makes merchant accounts so confusing.

To keep it simple.

It is important to note, that keeping it simple does NOT mean cutting corners, it simply means finding the way to most efficiently manage the account that is vital to your business.

The articles on this site are mostly based off of questions that have come from actual merchant account users. At the root of each informational article on this site is feedback, questions and suggestions from the business owners that use merchant accounts every day.

Brian Manning merchant account

About Brian

I’ve been in the merchant services industry for nearly a decade and I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years.

Quickly learning that the industry has a need for honest and personal customer service, my straightforward and educational approach has proved to be a much appreciated method to merchant account maintenance.

Having worked in the financial services industry since 2001, I have been exposed to many different types of companies each run by people with unique perspectives and outlooks on running a business. I believe in letting others speak for the quality of my work and keep this principle as the cornerstone of my daily efforts.

With a passion for marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship I got into the payment processing industry as an independent contractor for iPayment. Later through friendships and business connections along with a partnership with Financial Transaction Services (now CardConnect), BancardSales was founded.

My straightforward approach to educational style marketing and focus on personal care became very popular with my clients, very quickly. These same principles are at the foundation of how I run my business and how I treat other people.

Beyond Payment Processing

I decided that the merchant services industry is one area where I can have a great impact on companies and the people who run them. While utilizing personal strengths, I consult for business owners outside of the payment processing industry.

Bringing in elements of personal growth, mindset training and goal setting techniques, my efforts have produced successful results for my clients in their work environment as well as in their personal life. Such topics include time management, focused and targeted goal setting and aligning intentions with actions.

With personal interests in human development and efficiency implementation, I bring elements not normally found in the payment processing industry to life. Incorporating awareness training I advise clients and partners about business and personal aspects that can improve quality of life and business.