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Accept Credit Cards On Your Website?

There are only 5 ways to do it and it takes less than 5 minutes to set up a payment page – IF you know the right tool to use!

Merchant Accounts

Payment Pages

Software Tools

Payment Strategy

Retail Payments

If you’re a “brick and mortar” business with a physical location and a retail store, you’re suited for card present equipment and processing rates.

Mobile Payments

If your business is mobile or you collect payments “in the field,” you’re suited for card present mobile software and rates.

Online Payments

Use an invoice system, an order form or an eCommerce store by setting up a merchant account dedicated to taking payments online!

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The Only 5 Ways to Accept Credit Cards On Your Website

This video tutorial shows you the only five ways to accept credit card payments on your website. You’ll learn specific software tools to use and recommendations that make the process quick and easy.

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Combine your merchant account with marketing strategy to make MORE sales!!!

Your merchant account should be secure and cost effective while at the same time providing you with the flexibility you require to integrate with CRM software and other marketing tools that you use in your business!

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Hosted Payment Pages and payment page builder softwares are readily available to enhance your online presence and increase the conversion at which you are paid! Nowadays it doesn’t cost $1,000’s of dollars to have a page custom designed, you can use an off-the-shelf tool that accomplishes everything you need, and more!

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Payment automation is possible by connecting your merchant account to powerful CRM systems like Infusionsoft by Keap!  A powerful CRM with email marketing capabilities are essential to your online business.  You can set up “abandone cart” email sequences, payment and billing plans, and even automated invoicing systems.

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Payment Collection comes after your prospect has come to know, like and trust you. Before the purchase will ever take place, a calculated and intentional sales and marketing process must to take place in order to bring yoour cutomer to the point where they are ready to buy from you! This is the proccess of marketing strategy!

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More Than Merchant Accounts

Even MORE important than your merchant account is how you present your products and services to your potential clients and customers! Your merchant account should be part of your marketing strategy because it’s not just about what you use to collect payments, it’s how you introduce your products/services that matters!

Invoicing Systems

Hosted Payment Pages


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