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Merchant Accounts & Electronic Payments

Payment Systems For Your Business

Whether you have a retail store, a mobile business or you’re selling entirely online , we have complete payment systems to suit the needs of your business! To learn what’s best for you:

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Our Merchant Account Programs

Our programs are tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re running a retail, online or high risk business, we have a solution that will fit the needs of your business.

Retail Merchant Account

This retail payment system allows you to accept credit card payments in your retail store with a dedicated credit card terminal.

Online Merchant Account

This online payment system gives you a virtual terminal and a hosted payment page customized to your business!

Mobile Payment Processing

Start accepting mobile payments with iOS and Android compatible mobile apps that accept EMV cards and traditional cards.

POS System Merchant Account

Swipe, dip or tap payments with a sleek and cutting edge POS terminal. Equipped to handle inventory and more!

Cash Discount ($0 Fees) Processing

Pay 0% to process credit cards with a compliant cash discount program. We offer retail, mobile and online cash discount processing.

Software Tools & Payment Systems

Combine your merchant account with CRM tools, invoicing software, or payment page builders to make more sales!

Your merchant account should be secure and cost effective while at the same time providing you with the flexibility you require to integrate with CRM software and other marketing tools that you use in your business!

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Hosted Payment Pages and payment page builder softwares are readily available to enhance your online presence and increase the conversion at which you are paid! Nowadays it doesn’t cost $1,000’s of dollars to have a page custom designed, you can use an off-the-shelf tool that accomplishes everything you need, and more!

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Payment automation is possible by connecting your merchant account to powerful CRM systems like Infusionsoft by Keap!  A powerful CRM with email marketing capabilities are essential to your online business.  You can set up “abandone cart” email sequences, payment and billing plans, and even automated invoicing systems.

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Payment Collection comes after your prospect has come to know, like and trust you. Before the purchase will ever take place, a calculated and intentional sales and marketing process must to take place in order to bring yoour cutomer to the point where they are ready to buy from you! This is the proccess of marketing strategy!

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Merchant Accounts For Business Types

Whether you have a retail store, a mobile business or you sell online, we have a merchant account solution that will fit the needs of your business. More important than your merchant account is how you present your products and services to your potential clients and customers! Your merchant account should be part of your business strategy because it’s not just about what you use to collect payments, it’s how you introduce your products/services that matters!






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