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This is your chance to ask any question that’s related to collecting payments and I’ll answer it for you as a featured topic on the YouTube channel. Thanks for your questions! ~Brian

REMEMBER to include BE SPECIFIC with your question. The more details you give me, the more likely it is that I’ll pick your question to answer with a video response. ~Brian

Need Help with ideas to ask about?

  • how to set up a merchant account
  • how to add a Donation page
  • an online ordering system for a restaurant
  • how to use a mobile payment app
  • how to set up an invoice system
  • should you use a recurring billing system
  • what options are out there for an integration with QuickBooks
  • what’s the best payment gateway for my specific situation
  • what is Woocommerce checkout and is it right for me?
  • should I use a “Pay Now” button on my website?

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Reasons to submit a question:


Set Up a Merchant Account Setup

Which provider is right, or what type of account you need…etc…

Implementing an Invoicing System

Which software to use, how to connect it to your merchant account, etc…

Using a Hosted Payment Page

How do set one up, or how to use it in your business…etc…

Payment Page Builder Services

Which one is the easiest to use? You don’t have a website, but you need a way to collect payments… what do you do? etc…

How to Use Using Billing Plan System

How to add billing plans, set up recurring payments so you can charge your customers each month, etc…

Industry Specific POS

Does your industry have a specific point of sale system that is used and you’d like to know whether you can use your own merchant account provider?

Anything Else You Want to Submit

Maybe it wasn’t suggested here, but it’s still a custom request that has to do with payments, invoicing, or payment collection systems and you’d like to ask. Fire away!


Add Payments to your Website

Adding a “Pay Now” button, or setting up an embeddable hosted payment form in your website page, etc…

Mobile Phone Payments

Which app to use? Should you use Square or is there something else that is better for your business? etc…


Are You On a Budget?

Are you just getting started? Do you want to now the best system to use, what to look out for and what to avoid?