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"I can call you with any questions I have. The personal touch is something that is important with a merchant account. I really have not had any problems while using your service which is a fortunate thing. You sat down and went over EVERYTHING with me before I signed anything so I understood everything that was going on. If I have questions you are available."

"We would always get calls from other companies that said they had a better program. When you sign up you never ever hear from them again. Any time we have a question or problem, we call Brian and he walks us through everything. I love that he puts out a monthly newsletter. It’s full of great information. He also just checks in from time to time. My recommendation to others is to sign up for service with Brian."

I have only worked with Brian a short time, but I am already so glad we switched from our old company. Not only are we saving money, but, in the past, dealing with my merchant account was a mystery. Who do I call if I have questions? What if there’s an issue? I don’t understand how this works, who can help me? It’s so helpful to have one point of contact for all my questions. I highly recommend his services!

Laurie Rice-Salemi

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“My goal is to simplify things for you so that you don’t have to worry about your merchant account!”  

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"It is really easy to work with Brian. He came straight to my office and helped me through everything. I know I have support any time I need him."

"Brian is on the spot. He's always been there the same day to take care of everything. You shoul go with Brian and his company!"

"Brian talked me through everything and got everything set up quickly. My favorite thing about working with him is his accessability! It's been a really great experience!"

John Cannon

John Greer

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