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CardPointe Q&A – 11 Common Questions about CardPointe

by Aug 28, 2018CardPointe, General Merchant Account, YouTube Videos

Welcome to this CardPointe Q and A video.

This is another video in a series of training tutorials that are  set up for you to make the most of your CardPointe merchant account.

If you haven’t seen the 21 Quick Tips video, check the link in the description.  That video covers 21 things that you can do with your existing CardPointe merchant account.

And as usual, if you’re researching CardConnect because you are interested in opening an account, check the description for the appropriate links.

Here’s the Questions and Answers list:

Question #1 – Do the CardPointe terminals work with phone lines?

Answer: No they do not. They only work with high speed connection.  This is the future of payment processing and most processing companies are slowly phasing out terminals that still use a phone line connection.

Question #2 – Is there a CardPointe terminal that will connect to my POS system?

Answer:  Yes.  The Ingenico ISC Touch 250 is one such terminal that will allow for integration to a point of sale system and this particular terminal is also customer facing.

Question #3 – Can I use my iPad with the CardPointe app to process transactions?

Answer:    Yes.  The CardPointe app is compatible with iphone, android, ipad, notebook computers and other android based tablets.  If you have a specific tablet device be sure to reach out to check compatibility because there are lots of tablet models and new ones are continually being added.

Question #4 – Is there a way I can give someone (like a bookkeeper) remote access to my CardPointe account/dashboard so they can download statements and check transaction history?

Answer:    Yes. You can add additional users by going to the administration tab > inside your CardPointe account, then to the USERS subtab.

Question #5 – Is there a way to email a support ticket for a simple question that I have?

Answer:    Yes.  you can open a support ticket by going to the SUPPORT tab > and then clicking the CREATE TICKET button. The REASON dropdown menu allows you to select the most appropriate category for your question, so just pick the one that most closely fits your question.   Then just type your question into the Description box while providing as much detail about your question as you can. You can add an attachment if you need to upload any images, or other documents for your request.

Question #6 – There was a power outage and my terminal did not settle out my transactions from yesterday. What should I do and who should I call?

Answer:   When power outages happen, it could affect the settlement of your terminal so CardPointe allows you to set the batch time under the ADMINISTRATION and BATCHING subtab…  so even if a settlement fails, CardConnect keeps a record of all your transactions that you have processed throughout the day so they CAN be settled in the event of a technical failure like a power outage.   The best thing to do is to open a support ticket or get in touch with your sales partner.

Question #7 – If I’m a retail store, can I use my CardConnect and CardPointe merchant account to accept payments on my website too?

Answer:    Yes you can!  CardConnect offers a FREE CardConnect Payment Plugin for Woocommerce and it just needs to be activated.   There is a demonstration video that is linked in the description so you can see how it works.

Question #8 – Can I use a digital signature instead of printing receipts?

Answer:   Yes, you can on mobile and for some retail terminals.  As of April of 2018, a signature is no longer required as part of the transaction process.

Question #9 – Can I set up billing plans if a customer has paid me at my retail location?

Answer:   Yes. If you are using a CardPointe terminal like the CardPointe Ingenico ICT220, transactions that are completed on that terminal are logged and securely stored in CardPointe so you can go to the billing tab and simply recall that customer record and initiate a billing plan. This of course assumes that you have the customer’s consent to charge a billing plan.

Question #10 – I have a PCI Compliance fee on my statement?  What is that for?

Answer:   PCI Compliance is a mandatory requirement for all payment processing companies.  As a business owner, you are required to submit PCI compliance information each year to ensure safe credit card acceptance practices at your business.

Question #11 – I have a customer who regularly buys from us and pays by phone. He also uses 2 different credit cards.  Can I store more than one credit card for a single customer?

Answer:   Yes you can.  When a customer profile is stored in the CardPointe vault, the card is encrypted and only the last 4 digits of the card number is displayed.  IF you want to add a 2nd credit card for that same customer just pull up the customer profile and click the ADD NEW CREDIT CARD button and type in the appropriate card number. Then the next time that customer needs to pay, you can simply verify the “last four digits with them over the phone rather than having them read the entire credit card number to you. https://cardconnect.com/company/blog/pci-compliance-guide


If you have a question that wasn’t covered here, please leave a comment and I’ll get your questions answered, as well as perhaps adding it to the next Q and A video.

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I’m Brian Manning and thanks for watching.

Brian Manning

Bancardsales founder and 15 year payment processing veteran, Brian Manning has helped thousands of businesses streamline their electronic payment systems. With a healthy disdain for things like terminal leases and "lowest rate" guarantees he regularly advises on best practices to anyone setting up merchant account related solutions. Brian's mission and passion is to help business owners use their merchant account simply as one tool in the big picture of growing their own business and creating an experience that is positive and meaningful for their customers.


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