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Cardpointe Terminal – Ingenico ICT220 Terminal Demo

by Jan 25, 2018CardPointe, Retail Merchant Account, YouTube Videos


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  Cardpointe Terminal – Credit Card Terminal by CardConnect – Ingenico ICT220 Terminal Demo

First off, this terminal works exclusively with CardPointe.

It is an Ingenico ICT220 terminal body, it’s loaded with the CardPointe software so, along with other CardPointe devices, it’s in a family of the most secure payment processing terminals on the market.

In addition to supporting EMV Chip cards, this terminal uses CardSecure which is a P2PE encryption security technology.

That simply means that when a card is swiped or dipped, the terminal software immediately encrypts the credit card number and all cardholder data and sends an encrypted token to the bank for approval instead of the actual credit card number

It’s primarily meant for retail environment but can also be used in a card not present situations by simply entering the credit card number using the keypad.

So if you need to take phone orders, you can do it with this machine.



The terminal comes pre-programmed right out of the box and it is EMV-ready so you can accept chip cards.


CardPointe terminal



CardPointe Terminal hot keysAdditionally, transactions processed here on this machine, can be saved as customer profiles within the CardPointe dashboard.

For more on saving and storing customer profiles for future purchases or perhaps recurring billing if that applies to your business, see the link in the description for that video.

It connects exclusively through an ethernet cable so you’ll get quick processing time.

Once you plug everything in, you’ll see this notification on the top of the screen that shows the ethernet cable is connected AND receiving a live internet connection.


The Menus and Standard defaults

The terminal is pre-programmed with these default  settings.

  • Auto close set for 7:00pmET
  • Customer copy of receipt – PROMPT
  • CVV is turned ON for key entered transactions ONLY
  • Hot keys and menus avail

If you need to change any of these settings, CardPointe technical support can assist you with a reprogram.  You can also contact your representative and they can facilitate that update for you.


Running an EMV transaction

So let’s look at running a transaction.

Before we start, please note that the order of operations is IMPORTANT.

Throughout the transaction process.Don’t insert card too early and don’t remove the card too soon.   Wait for the terminal to prompt you and  just follow the prompts in order.


So to run a transaction start from the IDLE screen.

There are 2 ways to get to the credit/sale screen.

Number 1, is by hitting the GREEN enter key and using the arrow keys to select the SALE option.

And number 2, is to simply touch the number “1” which is set as a hot key to take you directly to the sale menu.


From there confirm that you want to run a credit and it doesn’t matter whether the customer is presenting a debit or credit card.  The operations will be the same.

We’ll run a test transaction for a $.25 so just type the dollar amount into the terminal and when the terminal prompts you to SWIPE/INSERT/Key Card, you’ll insert the card with the chip facing  forward so that the chip is entirely covered when it’s put into the slot.

When inserting the card, make sure to insert it all the way, until you hear a click.


ON a SIDE NOTE:  IF you have a phone order, and the card is being read to you over the phone, this is the point where you  will simply key enter the credit card number into the terminal and follow the prompts for  a key entered transaction.


So going back to our $.25 card present transaction, after the Chip card is inserted, the terminal will take care of the rest and return an approval code.

The machine will prompt you to remove the card and you’re ready to grab the receipts for signature.

The merchant copy comes first and by default the terminal will print out a customer copy of the receipt.

If you don’t want the customer copy, just select NO when the terminal prompts you.


Running a RETURN EMV transaction

To make a return, hit the green ENTER key and this time arrow down to the return menu.

You can also hit the hot key which the number “2” and it will bring you right to the RETURN Menu

Again, from this point just follow the prompts as the terminal requests information for the return.


On a side note, this terminal CAN be programmed to require an administrative password to be entered in order to process refunds so you can eliminate the possibility of forced credits or returns being processed by mistake.

Manually Settling out EMV transaction

The terminal is programmed to settle automatically at 7:00pm ET.

IF you need to settle your terminal manually for any reason there is a manual settlement option built into the menus of the terminal.

Start by hitting the enter key, and arrowing down until you see the option for SETTLEMENT.

The number “7” is the settlement button on the hot key menu

Hit this key and your transaction will be sent out for deposit to your bank account and a confirmation report will print.


Options and Quick Tips-Mobile App and Paper

Since this is a CardPointe terminal, this transaction that we just ran, will immediatley show up in the CardPointe dashboard AND on the mobile app. So you can view transactions in real time across the reporting dashboard.

This terminal  holds 2.25 x 55in rolls of THERMAL paper.  There is a link in the description to purchase the paper and you can always find it in the CardConnect shop.



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I’m Brian Manning and I’ll see you next time

Brian Manning

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