It’s easy to open a support ticket from your CardPointe account.

In this CardPointe tutorial, I’ll show you how it’s done. If you’d rather watch than read just watch the video copied in this post.


First, go to the user account permissions to make sure that you have the correct access privaledges to be able to open a CardPointe support ticket.

As a reminder, you are able to grant access permissions to each user in your CardPointe account.

Admin users by default, can open a ticket and standard users need to be granted permission to open a support ticket by an administrator of your account. 

In order to grant a standard user permission to open a support ticket, here’s what you do. 

Just go to the <Administration> tab on the main menu then click the <User> subtab.


Then, find the name of the standard user of your account.

Once again, if you need to add a new user, reference this video on how to do it.

Scroll down on the page and find the SUPPORT section and make sure to check the box that says: “Grant user access to support tickets”

Then be sure to save changes. 

Once you have that completed, your ready to open a support ticket.

Opening a Support Ticket

Navigate to the <Support> tab on the main menu and locate the blue <Create Ticket> button and click.


If you have more than one merchant account you’ll just select the appropriate merchant account that you want to open a ticket under. 

Under the Reason Code box, these are the options you have to select from. 

Choose the category that best fits your questions or issue. 

So if you have a question about a transaction that didn’t clear you would select the  DEPOSIT/TRANSACTION ASSISTANCE reason.


If you need to find out if you’re PCI Compliant or how to take the PCI compliance survey there’s a category for that too.  

There’s also categories that cover the Hosted Payment Page and the Virtual Terminal.

When entering your ticket, just treat this description box as though it were an email to support. 

So be sure to provide as much detail as possible. 

If you’re asking about a specific transaction it’s best to provide the following:

  • the last 4 digits of the credit card number
  • the date of the transaction
  • the dollar amount of the charge
  • any other details about the transaction that will help support research into the issue for you

Finally, if you  have any screenshots, images or supporting documentation you can attach those documents here by clicking on the blue ADD ATTACHMENT button. 

Final Notes on Support Tickets

It’s important to note that  the more details you can provide up front at the time you open the ticket the more likely it will be for you to receive a timely and quick response because additional information and questions will not need to be requested from you!

As the ticket is in queue to be resolved you’ll be able to monitor the progress right here in the ticketing center under the support tab in your CardPointe dashboard. 

If support does need to request anything from you in order to resolve the situation, they’ll reply to the ticket just like it was an email. 

Then there will be an archived history of all support tickets shown on the Support tab.


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