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Email Template Software Tool (Free) Google Chrome Plugin

by Mar 15, 2018Online/Internet/Ecommerce, YouTube Videos

This is one of the best free EMAIL plugins that I have ever personally used because it saves so much time.

And it makes sending routine emails simple and efficient.

I’m gonna show you what it is, where to download it and 3 ways to use it.


ROLL Intro

So the tool is called Gorgias and it’s a chrome extension or “plugin” addition that you can download and add to your browser.

And it’s free

In short this tool allows you to set template emails within your own gmail account, and instead of typing those routine emails over and over again every day, you can simply type a “keyword” into the body of the email message and then hit the TAB button and the message populates for you like this.

So the keyword that I have set up for this demo is: “SAMPLE“

So if I’m inside of gmail and I type the KeyWord SAMPE, and hit tab it auto populates this entire message.

And that’s the beautiful thing about this plugin

It’s all template based and you can set up as many templates as you’d like.

So all those email or sections of an email that you routinely type EVERY SINGLE DAY as I mentioned OR throughout the day can be automated and it’ll make your life much easier.

So this efficiency tool is part of a payment workflow where I show you a process to send invoices and collect payments from your customers.

Click the link in the description to watch that video.


Download and add to chrome

So to download and add Gorgias extension to chrome is extremely easy.

Just open up chrome browser and log into your gmail account and

Then open a new tab just search the word “Gorgias Chrome Extension”, in Google,  and this result right is is what you want.

And right up here you’re going to have an option to click to add to chrome, (and mine is already added so it shows “added to chrome” but you’ll just click the button add it to chrome and then once it’s installed

you can access it by

Coming back over to the menu option within Chrome, and go to MORE TOOLS and then to EXTENSIONS and then it will bring up this page right here.

Make sure that this little ENABLE box is checked and in order to make sure the extension is active and enabled.


Setting up a template

Then in order to customize it and set up your first template, just click the OPTIONS button right here and this menu will load in a new tab and this is where you set up all your email templates.

So To configure your first email template just click the NEW TEMPLATE button and this box pops up.

First, name the email under TEMPLATE NAME box and you can label it whatever you’d like because this is for your own internal labeling.

Then you’ll come over to the TEXT SHORTCUT box and assign your Text Shortcut keyword which again is the word that you type inside of the Gmail message itself. .

Typically you’ll assign an associated keyword to the message your typing like the word “Invoice” for example.

And you can see that if you hover your mouse over the box, the plugin tells you that this is the word you need to type before you hit TAB KEY in order to populate your message.

So here you can see that I have a message titled SAMPLE, and I have the template name filled out, the text shortcut which is literally the word SAMPLE in this case, and this is the message that will come up if I type the word SAMPLE in gmail message and hit the TAB key.

And this is how it works….

As you’re editing the template if you want to automatically address the email to the person you’re writing to, just click the VARIABLES dropdown and this is gonna give you a couple of merge fields that you can select from,

And if you want to add their FIRST NAME when you address your email, the plugin will grab the first name from your address book and populate it in the email so you don’t even need to type the recipients first name.

Again, as long as they are in your address book.

Once you’re happy with how the template looks just click SAVE template and you’re ready to use it!

So here’s 3 examples and ways to use this.


“FAQ” The  FAQ canned response

So the first template is the frequently asked questions response.

The simple  idea here is to have the answers to your standard questions that you get all the time about your product or service that you can easily send out to people.

You can type them out in the body of this email of course, OR

If you have them posted on your website, then you could just provide a link in the email  to the website page that holds all your FAQ’s.

So when you’re happy with the message, you just click save and to show you what this looks like inside of GMAIL just go to the body of the and type , i’ll open up gmail and type FAQ into the body of the email

Hit tab,

And the entire message populates.

You can see that it auto filled my first name because I typed my name into the recipient field of the email.

Then i just add the subject line and it’s ready to send


#2 – “Links” The Follow up resources email

The 2nd email template is the resources link follow up email.  This is what it looks like in the template builder

So the idea here is that this is a sort of canned response where you provide all the links to your videos and website articles that you would want all of your prospects to see after you’ve talked with them

Obviously this is going to vary for every person and company but if you have a facebook page, blog post, videos,  or social media links that you typically copy and paste and send to people this is a perfect application for it.

So again to demonstrate this one, just type the work LINKS, and the message auto populates and it’s ready to send again after entering a subject line.


Use for partial

Additionally, you can use these templates for partial messages… so in this one I have added a note here for a custom message that needs to be deleted and you can type a specific part of the email while using the rest of the template.

You could also use the partial messages for standard openings or closings of an email message.


#3 “invoice” The INVOICE Ready email

The last template recommendation is for invoicing.

This is probably one of the best uses for this Gorgias extension

Because the the “invoice ready” standard email template is one of the most common and typical

So for this template I have used the word INVOICE for the text shortcut in the template editor and if you want to use this exact text for your  own just pause the screen and feel free to use it.

This invoicing template is also part of a Payment WOrkflow because this payment link right here is something that you need to have set up in advance of sending this email obviously,  and this payment page is part of a cardconnect merchant account so if you want a hosted payment page like this for your business check the links in the description.

So that’s the standard message that gets sent with any invoice I want to send.

Now one more thing to notice is that there is a SHOW MORE FIELDS option down here and it gives you the ability to set a standard subject line for your template message.

So for the invoice sample message,  you might just use the subject line “Your Invoice Is Ready…”

And then this one looks like this inside of Gmail and you can see that after typing INVOICE and hitting tab, it auto populates the subject line!



So that’s the Gorgias extension for Chrome and as I said it’s part of a couple different payment workflow tutorials that I publish on this channel.

And if you liked this video and this software with these quick tips, and want to see more, sure to click on that subscribe button so you receive notifications when future workflows and other payment videos are posted.

Share this video with a friend or associate who might find it useful and comment below if you have any questions about the functionality of anything covered in this video.


I’m Brian Manning and I’ll see you soon!

Brian Manning

Bancardsales founder and 15 year payment processing veteran, Brian Manning has helped thousands of businesses streamline their electronic payment systems. With a healthy disdain for things like terminal leases and "lowest rate" guarantees he regularly advises on best practices to anyone setting up merchant account related solutions. Brian's mission and passion is to help business owners use their merchant account simply as one tool in the big picture of growing their own business and creating an experience that is positive and meaningful for their customers.


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