Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

A Hosted-for-you web based payments page to match your company branding

Option 1 – “Pay What You Want”

This option allows you to leave an open ended dollar amount field so that the customer fills in the dollar amount. 

This is ofted used for donation or contribtuion pages.

This is the Button Option (below)

 *note: This button is generated from the WordPress Website builder and the design/style will vary based on your website editor platform (i.e. WordPress vs. Wix or Squarespace, etc…)

This is the LINK Option (click below)

Option 2 – Fixed Dollar Amount

Set a specific dollar amount that the page will hold.

This option takes your customer to the EXACT SAME Hosted Payment PAGE except that this button is generated by a piece of code that you get from CardConnect.

This option uses a Hosted Payment does not allow you to customize or style the pay now button, but you CAN remove the image of the credit card logos.

 *note: This button is generated from the Hosted Payment Page editor using copy/paste code

Total Payment: $50.00

Full Page Embed Option

CardPointe Hosted Payment Page Embed option #1

Mini Form Embed Option

CardPointe Hosted Payment Page Embed option #2

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