Whether you’re business is online, retail or mobile, you should…

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Pay You!

Your Business Needs a Quick & Easy Payment Option So Your Customers Can Easily Pay You For Your Products and Services!

The good news, is that I can show you how to set it up, without knowing how to code, or program or having any technical skills whatsoever!

Introducing the Payment Workflow!

You probably already realize that there’s thousands of options to chosse from when it comes to setting up a merchant account and choosing a payment processing solution for your company.

Do you go with a simple invoicing system like Invoiced.com, SimplyPay.me, or Invoices2Go.com?

Or do you require a more elaborate and automated system with multiple steps that gives your customers the ability to choose options that you have for them?

Having a reliable, secure and automated payment system is essential in operating and running a profitable business, online or off!

So, what is a Payment Workflow!

The payment workflow is a multi-step sequence of automated actions that your customer takes by using a series of website pages and digital tools that leads them toward a puchase.

So the goal of the workflow, is a completed payment transaction!

The website pages your customer sees involve lead capture pages, sales pages, thank you pages, and of course, the order form!  All of these pages showcase your products and services and this automated process is known as a the Payment Workflow.

Here’s what it looks like:

How Does it Work?

We’ll set up your merchant account because at the heart of this process is the payment itself.

In order for the payment pages to work properly, we need to use reliable software tools and CRM systems that can carry out the automated actions you need at your business.

Since there are hundreds (and thousands) of options between the various software tools available on the market, we make recommendations based on your budget and the requirements of your company.

In other words, we’ll make sure the systems we set up for you can handle the workload.

Everyone Knows There’s 1000’s Of Options, So Which One Do You Choose?

If you watch the overview video you’ll have a better understanding of what the Payment Workflow is. After you watch the video, there is a link to schedule a call with a payment workflow specialist to help you implement the software too, payment pages, and merchant account options that are right for you and your business!

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