Page Links & Demo Pages

Click the software samples listed below to see actual pages and payment systems that you can use. All of the software services listed below are part of our custom solutions and software packages that we offer. Browse our services and get in touch for a free consultation.

#1: CardPointe HPP Page Link  // Software: CardPointe 

#2: Jotform Restaurant Order Form Page Link  //  customer selects products and quantities

#3: Jotform Donation Form Page Link  //  pre-suggested dollar amounts $5, $10 & $20 amounts

#4: Jotform Donation Form (pay what you want) Page Link  // customer must type in dollar amount

#5: ThriveCart Donation Page Link (pay what you want)  : // customer types in the dollar amount

#6: Stripe (pay what you want) Page Link  $20 suggested dollar amount

#7: Stripe (product page) Page Link  $25 t-shirt example

#8: Keap Invoice Page (product page) Page Link  $500 product sample

Work with us to set up a custom payment system – Our Process in 3 Steps

Our process is hands-on and customized to the specific needs of your business. There are many different payment software services like gateways, invoice systems, and point-of-sale equipment to choose from and we’ll help you every step of the way to decide what’s best for your business!

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First we schedule a free consultation call to assess your needs. It helps us understand your business in order to make recommendations & give you what you want and need!

Design a Solution

Together we talk about and design a solution that is right for you. Solutions start at just $23/month and are always customized to fit your needs. Once your solution is picked, we move to the final stage which is to launch!

Launch & Start Accepting Payments

Once your account is approved and set up, we’ll train you on how to use it and you’ll be ready to start taking payments! You’ll also enjoy the benefit of ongoing lifetime support for the payment system you’re using.