Online Merchant Account

An online payment system allows you to accept credit card payments with a virtual terminal, a hosted payment page or an ecommece, online store environment.

We offer flexible “off the shelf” payment pages that are equipped with top of the line digital payment security so your customers data is always safe. All of our online merchant account solutions allow you to accept all major card types.

Accept Payments With an Online Account

Smart online merchant account solutions and access to industry leading credit card processing software and digital payment solutions.

Here’s what you get access to:


Virtual Terminal (With Billing Plans)

The virtual terminal allows you to process payments online from any device that allows you to access the internet. The virtual terminal also connects to a real-time reporting dashboard with multi-user access.

Interchange Plus Retail Pricing

Gives you key-entered rates as low as 1.89% (plus network costs)


Complimentary Access to Reporting Dashboard

The account comes with a reporting center that allows you to view statements, batch reports and transactions in real time.

Custom Hosted Payment Page

The hosted payment page allows you to accept payments with or without a website. Customize the page with your logo and payment fields.

Secure Transactions with PCI Compliant Software

Our payment gateways and online payment software solutions allow you to collect payments with CardSecure and other tokenization and secure encryption. Use the virtual terminal, the hosted hosted payment page or integrate our online merchant account solution into your CRM or contact management system through one of our secure payment gateways.

The Smart Online Solution

Our payment technology integrates with an omni-channel processing platform. The online merchant account solutions integrate seemlessly with retail equipment while giving you complete flexibility to offer online payment options to your customers. All online solutions are equipped with secure, PCI compliant software.

Online Merchant Account FAQ’s


What is an online merchant account?

It’s a type of merchant account that allows businesses to accept payments in an online ecommerce card-not-present environment.

How do I know what terminal/equipment is right for my business?

That is something we help you determine based on the needs of your business. All you need to do is fill out the application and we’ll help you through the whole process!

Can I apply for a merchant account if I'm not incorporated?

Yes. You can apply for a merchant account by using either a unique tax ID number or for your SSN number as the owner.

Is there a long term contract with an account?

No. There is only a month to month agreement with all of our standard online merchant account. (some of the retail cash discount programs that we offer require a long term contract)


How long does it take to get an online merchant account set up?

Each provider will have different requirements, but typically 24-48 hours is all that’s needed to approve your account.

What kind of support is offered?

You’ll get access to the industry standard 24 hour support as well as direct support with a dedicated BancardSales team lead who will manage your account and help you through all issues you may encounter!

Did you find what you were looking for?

If you still have questions about setting up an online merchant account one of our specialists will walk you through the details of how it applies to your business.  Click to schedule a complimentary call today!