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Step 1: Watch This Video

Account Pricing

  • Interchange Pass Through Fees: Plus 0.40% 
  • Batch Fees: $0.00
  • Account Activation Fee: $0.00
  • Virtual Terminal Transaction Fee: $0.00
  • Monthly Account Access Fee: $23.00

The pricing outline above should allow for an AVERAGE rate of 2.50% or LOWER which includes the $23 monthly fee

Step 2: Fill Out The Application

Approval is required in order for us to activate your account. Please fill out the form in it's entirety below. 

Fill out my online form.

Terms & Details

The fees & costs listed below are for the merchant account and everything listed here. It does not include website hosting, additional 3rd party equipment or software integration costs that may be charged by 3rd parties.  

AMERICAN EXPRESS is automatically added to your account unless you request for it to be left off. Pricing will be set by AMEX and all of your AMEX transactions are deposited along with your normal batch through the OPT Blue program.

Account features as listed on the previous page:  

  • An Online Virtual Terminal (WITH Recurring Billing Option): to process payments and store customer profiles securely for future charges (if applicable) 
  • Free Wordpress Plugin for your ecommerce website so you can set up and sell unlimited process through this system (Wordpress or website hosting is not included)
  • Free (custom) Hosted Payment Page that allows you to accept payments with or without a website just by providing a your customer with a unique payment link that comes with your account!
  • Ability to Add Custom "Pay Now" Buttons to your website so your custmers can easily pay invoices and outstanding bills
  • FREE Mobile App that allows you to process payment and check income reports in the click of a button
  • and all of this with no long term contract. Just month to month!!

The fees & costs listed below are for US based merchant accounts only.  

  • Interchange Pass Through Fees: Plus 0.40% (pass through pricing includes interchange fees and dues/assessments from Visa/Mastercard
  • Transaction Fee: $0.08 per transaction (pass through pricing includes interchange transaction fees which average to be $0.11)
  • Platform Access Fee: $23/month (this includes the gateway, the virtual terminal, billing plans, the mobile app, yearly PCI compliance fee, and all other associated monthly costs)
  • PCI Fee: $0.00 per month and per year (PCI compliance fees are included in the $23/month platform fee)
  • AVS (Address Verification Service) Fee: $0.05 per item (this is optional and is only activated by request) 
  • Batch Fees: $0.00
  • Account Activation Fee: $0.00
  • Virtual Terminal Transaction Fee: $0.00

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Stories From Happy Clients

"We would always get calls from other companies that said they had a better program. When you sign up you never ever hear from them again. Any time we have a question or problem, we call Brian and he walks us through everything. I love the fact that he puts out a monthly newsletter. It’s full of great information. He also just checks in from time to time. My recommendation to others is to sign up for service with Brian with BancardSales."  


Owner, Lowman Eyecare

"We had a credit card processing company before and it was difficult to get through and always a difficult procedure to get stuff done. Working with Brian has always been extremely easy. I know I have a guy that I can always call... Brian made things easy!" 


Owner, MyCarDoc

"I can call you with any questions I have. The personal touch is something that is important with a merchant account. I really have not had any problems while using your service which is a fortunate thing. You sat down and went over EVERYTHING with me before I signed anything so I understood everything that was going on. If I have questions you are available."  


Owner, Colored Threads