~ Attn: Dentists & practice managers: Here’s everything you’ll need to collect payments at your practice!

The Complete Payment System & Merchant Account For Dentists

This payment system gives you access to an online hosted-for-you payment page, a recurring billing system and a virtual terminal so you can easily accept payments from your patients!

Sample Payment Page

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Here’s what you get access to:


A Virtual Terminal that allows you to enter credit card data directly into a web based payment portal. You can add multiple users at no additional cost so you can add your entire staff or or accountant to view/download reports if you’d like.


FREE Hosted Payment Page that allows your patients to make a direct payment to you online through a secure, permanent hosted web page link that you can use regardless of whether you have a website or not! (note: sample page is pictured here)


A Billing System that allows you to process recurring payments and store patient profiles securely and this billing system allows you to collect future payments and invoices.


A Retail Countertop Credit Card Terminal that allows you to accept card present transactions during the checkout process.


24-Hour Application Approval so you can start accepting payments as soon as possible


Point to Point (P2PE) Encryption so every transaction is safe and secure and your customer’s data is never compromised

Questions About This Payment System


Zero Cost to Your Business

Zero cost allows you to collect the full amount of the transaction in question. (4% fee is passed along to your customer)

Fully Compliant Solution

This ensures that you’re processing the right way. This solution is available in all 50 states so you’re legally protected.

No Swiped Fees

You could save hundreds and even $1,000’s of in processing fees each by using this Cash Discount program.

EMV & Debit Compliant

Point of sale equipment and stand alone retail terminals make it possible to accept EMV chip cards.

No Rate Increases

The program is structured in a way that the fees are fixed and automatically assessed at the time of purchased.

Personal Support

You could save hundreds and even $1,000’s of in processing fees each by using this Cash Discount program.

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Is it really zero fees? How can that even be possible?

Ruling by federal courts has allowed business owners to combat high credit card processing fees through the use of cash discount programs. The Frank-Dodd Act and the Durbin Amendment states that all business owners now have the right to offset credit card processing fees with either a surcharge or a cash discount program.

There is a difference between the two programs and while the page your own focuses on a specific merchant account cash discount program, if you’d like to learn more about whether a surcharge program is right for you, just click here.

Common Questions About This Payment System

What is a cash discount program?

It’s a special type of merchant account that lets businesses pass the cost of credit card acceptance on to their cardholders.

How does the program work?

When the purchase takes place, a small customer service fee is applied to all transactions. If the customer pays with cash, this fee is removed.

Is it legal to have a surcharge on credit card purchases?

Generally businesses can charge less when accepting cash but the key difference is in surcharging vs. discounting for cash.

How is the fee charged?

The special point of sale equipment does all the work for you.  The customer service fee is automatically charged at the point fo sale so you don’t need to any manual work!

What types of businesses can participate in cash discount?

Nearly any type of business can offer a cash discount program as long as approval is granted.  (approval is required for all accounts)

Is it allowed in all 50 states?

Cash discount is federally legal and allowed in all 50 states. (cash discount programs are a different program than surcharging which does have some limitations)

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