Payment Services for your business

All of the software services listed below are part of our custom solutions and software packages that we offer. Our approach is to custom tailor all systems to meet the needs of your business and to make sure you have a complete understanding of how it works. Browse our services and get in touch for a free consultation.

These are just some of the services we’ll help you set up:


Payments on your website


Billing systems


Mobile payment forms


Custom payment confirmation pages


Customizable payment pages (w/ T&C box)


Online ordering


Customizable payment pages and order forms


Mobile app payments


Phone order payments with a Virtual Terminal


Cell phone payment pages


A merchant account


Payment Gateway setup


Pay Now buttons on your website


Check out pages


Hosted payment pages


Hosted payment software (no website needed)


Tablet payments through an app (iPad, and Android)


Payment Tracking and Reporting


Online order forms


Invoicing system (includes integration w/ popular CRM's)


QuickBooks payment integration


Recurring billing plans


Payment workflows

Our Services

The merchant account is the foundation for all of our payment systems. We start with the merchant account and we build a complete payment system to suit the needs of your business!

Merchant Account

It all starts here. The merchant account is your foundation and all other software services should integrate with your merchant account.

If you need a way to accept payments just click below to set up a new merchant account for your business!

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eCommerce Payments

Perfect for companies selling products/services online through an eCommerce store.

You’ll need a shopping cart solution for your online store and maybe even a custom order form to enhance the customer experience! WordPress plugins offer these eCommerce payment options!

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Hosted Payment Page

This hosted-for-you solution gives you the ability to collect payments online with, or without, a website.

It’s managed for you, maintenance-free and perfect for you if you require a simple & professional way to collect payments online from your customers!

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Mobile App Payments

If you’re a mobile business and want the flexibility of taking payments on-site to meet the needs of your customers, then a mobile payment application is what you need.

Off the shelf solutions allow you to simply download an app from Play store or Apple store and begin taking mobile payments immediately!

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Invoice Systems

If your business send invoices to collect payments and you need something more than what PayPal or Square can offer, check out our invoice systems.

Invoices with SimplyPay, Keap & others are simple integrations to a merchant account that allow you to send invoices & get paid!

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Payment Gateways

The payment gateway is an essential piece of software for collection credit card payments in an online environment.

Our payment gateways are industry leading services and some payment gateways such as CardPointe have built in tokenization services that come standard with the payment gateway account.

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Work with us to set up a custom payment system – Our Process in 3 Steps

Our process is hands-on and customized to the specific needs of your business. There are many different payment software services like gateways, invoice systems, and point-of-sale equipment to choose from and we’ll help you every step of the way to decide what’s best for your business!

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First we schedule a free consultation call to assess your needs. It helps us understand your business in order to make recommendations & give you what you want and need!

Design a Solution

Together we talk about and design a solution that is right for you. Solutions start at just $23/month and are always customized to fit your needs. Once your solution is picked, we move to the final stage which is to launch!

Launch & Start Accepting Payments

Once your account is approved and set up, we’ll train you on how to use it and you’ll be ready to start taking payments! You’ll also enjoy the benefit of ongoing lifetime support for the payment system you’re using.

ACH Payments

If you want to give your customers the ability to pay you through a direct bank draft by you can use our ACH payment service.

Instead of paying by credit or debit card, your customers will get the ability to pay by checking account using account number and routing number.

Surcharge Program

With the merchant surcharge program, businesses can add a fixed 3.5% fee to all credit card transactions at the checkout to help cover the cost of processing credit cards.

Surcharging allows merchants to add a ‘% checkout fee’ to a credit card transaction that is paid by the end consumer to help offset the merchant’s credit card processing fees.

Payment Automation

Payment automation is for the growing business who values their time and likes having software take care of the often tedious task of collecting payments!

This service is custom to your business and is sure to supercharge your payment collection system using Infusionsoft and custom payment page builders!


Payment Form Builder

If you need to collect more information during the payment and checkout process than just a simple name and email address, then a form builder with a payment integration could be the ideal solution.

Instead of using a simple payment page, you can integrate a payment gateway with one of our preferred form builders to get a custom checkout process.

POS & Credit Card Terminals

If your business is in a retail setting and you have the need to use a credit card terminal or point of sale system, all of our equipment is EMV-enabled and some equipment even uses special tokenization software for maximum security.

Payment Page Builders

If your business requires a beautifully designed payment page to showcase your products and services, then a payment page builder is the perfect solution.

Build a payment page in 5 minutes or less and host unlimited, professionally designed pages with a few clicks of the mouse for a simple monthly fee!