The Top 10 Benefits of Selling Through an Ecommerce Store

by Jul 3, 2014Online/Internet/Ecommerce

Selling your product or services through an ecommerce store is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

In fact, it’s much better than sliced bread because ecommerce can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, and sliced bread is just cross-cut sections of a flour product.

Internet commerce opens your business up to global possibilities and a virtually endless supply of eager customers. It can grow your business by leaps and bounds, and expose your brand to potential clients you would never otherwise meet.

Doing business online will allow you to multiply your sales, retire early and live happily ever after.

Actually, the happily ever after part is mostly up to you, but here are ten great reasons to start selling your wares through an ecommerce store.


#1. The World Becomes Your Oyster

With a brick-and-mortar store you serve a limited population – people who live in the vicinity.

An ecommerce store brings millions of potential customers from all over the world right to your doorstep, and they’ll be shopping in your ecommerce store while you’re sleeping.

With the advent of technology for conducting ecommerce on mobile devices, the sky is the limit!


#2. Ecommerce Lowers Your Operating Costs

Get the most bang for your advertising buck by taking advantage of targeted marketing afforded by pay-per-click campaigns, social media and search engine traffic.

These produce more cost-effective results than traditional advertising techniques.

You’ll also be writing fewer payroll checks because your billing department, checkout and inventory management will be fully automated. Finally, paying rent on a physical store will become a thing of the past.


#3. Customers Can Cut To The Chase

Customers browsing in your ecommerce store can find exactly what they need in a second by using the search box on your site.

Even better, many websites “remember” your customers’ preferences for next time and allow them to build a “wish list” of future purchases.

This turns casual shoppers into repeat customers.


#4. Ecommerce Eliminates the Hassle Of Mall Shopping

Shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar store entails travel, finding a parking spot, and sometimes carrying heavy boxes back to the car.

That takes time and costs money. An online store allows your new and repeat customers to conveniently shop from the comfort of their homes on their laptops on their own schedule. Everyone knows that shoppers are more receptive in their pajamas.


#5. Expose Your Customers To Attractive Deals, Sales and Coupons

Some shoppers can’t get enough discounts and coupons, and you can prey on consumer bargain-hunting practices by offering tailored deals and price cuts before they get to checkout.

Targeted online coupon codes are proven to be effective in encouraging impulse purchases and add-ons. Who can resist a bargain?


#6. Give Your Customers All the Information They Need

It’s difficult to display much information about products on the shelves of traditional stores, and many shoppers want more.

A well-designed website allows customers to open new web pages to learn more about the products – much more than they could ever glean from a sales clerk.

They can also read reviews by other satisfied customers who have purchased products.


#7. Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Through the miracle of modern technology, like computer cookies and online forms, you can gather an awful lot of information about your customers’ demographics without being pushy or seeming nosy.

Some ecommerce sites will automatically direct shoppers to products they’ve shown interest in previously, and others will leave reminders in their inbox and on merchant landing pages.


#8. Get The Most Out Of Your Ecommerce Merchant Account 24/7

Customers will love the fact that your ecommerce store is always open.

You will love the fact that your merchant account processing system will collect the money while you sleep – or vacation in Aruba.

With your global exposure, you can have international shoppers buying on their own terms in their own time zones.


#9. Ecommerce Makes Hard-To-Find Products Easy to Find

It is said that whatever you have, there is someone, somewhere, who wants it desperately. Your ecommerce store, and all your stock, can be found easily through search engines.


#10. Customers Can Compare Prices

Visitors to your internet store will be pleased by the convenience of comparison price shopping that many websites include as a standard feature nowadays.

As long as you keep your prices competitive, the search engines will direct customers your way.



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