WordPress Tutorial shows you how to install a custom payment form using WordPress, Wufoo, and a hosted payment page.


What’s up everyone, today we have a payment workflow video that involves custom forms and payment pages,

So this is a specific client intake process and to make it happen the software tools that we’re gonna talk about are:

In a previous video I showed you how to add a PAY NOW button to your website that goes straight to a hosted payment page,  but what if you want to collect more information from your customer before they pay you?

I’m gonna show you how to do that, piece by piece,  coming up!


So I’m especially excited to show you this simple workflow because I get this question all the time from clients…

and it goes something like this:

“How do I gather more information from my customer, than the standard payment page asks for? And when someone pays me, do I get notifications and where do I get access to the information that they filled out?”

And can that information be linked to my CRM system AND my calendar”

So as you can imagine, there CAN be multiple pieces to this, and this CAN get complicated, but we’re gonna keep it simple today so you can see the process and how you could use it in your business.

Plus, I’ll show you how to add to it, in other videos!!

The need for this payment workflow comes up as I mentioned, when you need to gather specific information from your customers and that information is MORE than just the credit card number, and the billing address.

As in you want to ask your customer specific questions that they can check yes or no to , or answer a multiple choice or fill in the blank question … just to name a few example.

So if you’re client intake process is more advanced than a what a simple payment page can offer, here’s where today’s workflow comes in.


So instead of sending you clients straight to a payment page, we will add a FORM BUILDER to the process so that you can ask your questions. .

So the form builder is the Software that we use to gather additional information from our customer and it precedes the payment form in the workflow

In this case, we’ll use Wufoo (which is a monthly subscription by the way) and it’s a service that I have personally used for years on my own websites and I have also configured it for my clients, just like I’m showing you here.

So the new flow, is that your customer comes to your form FIRST, then the payment is the next and final step.

Keep in mind this form builder can be 1 or 2 questions or as you’ll see in a minute, it can be multiple steps and as long as you’d like!

In addition to building the form itself, Wufoo allows you to

  • Add email notifications (for you and your customer),
  • Connect your merchant account through authorize.net
  • Self hosts the form for you AND gives you the ability to embed the form into your WordPress site.
  • Make fields required or optional
  • Entries are emailed to immediatley upon submission, TO YOU,  AND the data is archieved for you to download inside your account,  in PDF format if you’d like.

On a side note, there are also other form builders that you can use such as Gravity forms (which is for wordpress) and Formstack which is another system similar to Wufoo.