Merchant Account For Dental Office

Dental Office Merchant Account

Accept all major credit card brands and increase your revenue at your dental office with a merchant account that is tailored to your business. Merchant accounts are not one-size fits all so sign up for an account that is tailored to your specific needs.

This complete payment system allows you to accept credit card payments in both a retail and card not present environment for your medical office by using your website or by using a hosted payment page that comes with your account!

Dental Office Merchant Account Overview:

Interchange Plus Retail Pricing enabling you to achieve low cost effective rates (detailed pricing listed on this page under the pricing section)
24-Hour Application Approval so you can start accepting payments as soon as possible
EMV Compatible Devices so you can accept smart chip credit cards from your customers
Complimentary Access to the merchant center reporting system which allows you to view statements, batch reports and transactions in real time
Point to Point (P2PE) Encryption so every transaction is safe and secure and your customer’s data is never compromised

Merchant Account Pricing for Dental Office

The fees listed below are for the dental merchant account program. With you’re account you’ll get access to a virtual terminal and a reporting dashboard and the pricing includes those services. If you elect to add a 3rd party gateway, additional fees may apply.

AMERICAN EXPRESS is automatically added to your account unless you request for it to be left off.  All AMEX transactions are deposited along with your normal batch and pricing is set in accordance with the OPT Blue program.


Interchange Pass Through Pricing

A processor specific margin is added above the actual cost of interchange is given for this merchant account program. (ranges 10bps to 50bps based on volume and other factors)

PCI Compliance Fee

A PCI Compliance fee is a requirement with every account. Annual compliance fee is $99.

Account Setup Fee

There is no activation fee for this type of account.

Contract Term

There is no long term contract and is simply a month-to-month agreement. ($0 cancellation)

Statement/Platform Fee

The platform fee is $15 per month and comes with an online payment portal that gives you access to a reporting dashboard, a virtual terminal and more.

Per Item (Transaction) Fee

The transaction fee that is charged is the network cost. (on average $.05 to $.08 per item)

Batch Fee

There is no batch fee ($0.00) assessed for this type of account.

AVS (Address Verification Service) Fees

$.05 per item (this is opitonal and is only activated by request)

Secure Transactions with EMV Payment Processing

EMV payment technology is now widely accepted in lots of dental practices across the nation. Using EMV (chip card) at the point of sale device gives your customers another payment option for their convenience. It’s secure and virtually impossible for fraudsters to replicate card data making EMV the most secure type of payment processing in the retail merchant account environment.

Accept Payments The Way You Want To

All of these merchant account types can be set up and tailored to fit the needs of your business.  Your business doesn’t have to fit exactly into one of these solution types, we can customize and blend different processing account types to fit your needs.

Retail Merchant Account

This retail payment system allows you to accept credit card payments in your retail store with a dedicated credit card terminal.

Online Merchant Account

This online payment system gives you a virtual terminal and a hosted payment page customized to your business!

Mobile Merchant Account

Start accepting mobile payments with iOS and Android compatible mobile apps that accept EMV chip cards and traditional stripe cards.

POS Merchant Account

A power tablet based point of sale system equipped to handle your inventory and all retail payment processing needs.

Dental Merchant Account Software Integrations & Features

You can integrate your merchant account with many different types 3rd party software. Our payment experts can offer your dental practice options to integrate with a system of your choice. With every merchant account program that you set up through BancardSales, you’ll get access to native reporting and processing tools that allow you to efficiently manage your practice.


Virtual Terminal w/ Recurring Billing


Chargeback Management


Track Volume w/ Daily Reports


Hosted Payment Page


Multi-Merchant Accounts/Locations


Track Daily Volume


3rd Party Gateway Connection


Real Time Transaction Reporting


Free Mobile App (iOS & Android)


Multi-User Virtual Terminal Access


P2PE with Patented Tokenization


Secure Customer Profiles for Billing

Dental Merchant Account FAQ’s

What is a dental merchant account?

It’s a specific type of merchant account that is tailored to suit the needs of a dental practice including the hardware, software and appropriate merchant account rates for a dental office.

What specific rates and fees will I pay for this account?

Merchant account fees usually range from 1.50% to 3.50% of your monthly credit card volume. The specific charges vary based on your company volume and other criteria.  Refer to the pricing section for more details.

How long does it take to get an account set up?

Generally a dental practice can be approved for a merchant account within 24-48 hours at which point your processing equipment (if applicable) will be shipped out to your location.

How do I know what terminal/equipment is right for my business?

That is something we help you determine based on the needs of your business. All you need to do is fill out the application or the free consultation form and we’ll help you through the whole process!

Is there a long term contract with an account?

No. There is only a month to month agreement with all of our standard retail merchant account. (some of the retail cash discount programs that we offer require a long term contract)

What kind of support is offered?

You’ll get direct support with a dedicated BancardSales team lead who will manage your account and help you through all issues you may encounter. You’ll also get access to 24-hour technical support.