Merchant Surcharge Program

With the merchant surcharge program, businesses can add a fixed 3.5% fee to all credit card transactions at the checkout to help cover the cost of processing credit cards.

This is a compliant surcharge program with a simple flat discount rate for credit card transactions.

Accept all major credit card brands. Process payments online, in your store or retail location, through a virtual terminal, via invoicing through a hosted payment page, or on mobile devices.

Accept Payments With a Surcharge Merchant Account

Retail merchant account solutions and card-not-present payment solutions are available under the surcharge merchant account program. The surcharge merchant account program is available for retail and online processing accounts. 

Here’s what you get access to:


Complimentary Access to Reporting Dashboard

The account comes with a reporting center that allows you to view statements, batch reports and transactions in real time.

EMV Capatible Terminals and Equipment

You can accept chip cards, contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
EMV & NFC Enabled

Seamless Integration

Once your account is enabled for surcharging, you can use CardPointe VT, CardPointe HPP or the CardPointe API to accept payments. 

Surcharge Merchant Account FAQ’s

What is a surcharge program?

It’s a special type of merchant account that adds a surcharge fee on top of the normal listed and stated price of a credit card transaction. It’s important to note that you cannot profit from the surcharge program.

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How does the program work?

When the merchant account is set up, your business is properly registered with card associations to participate in the surcharge merchant account program.

How is a surcharge program different than a cash discount or convenience fee?

 Surcharging: The addition of a ‘% fee’ disclosed by the merchant and presented as an incremental amount on receipts; applies to credit only
The surcharging program applies a fixed 3.5% fee

Convenience Fee: A flat fee added by a merchant when the consumer pays with an electronic payment card, rather than a standard form of payment accepted by the merchant. Typically presented with an opt out to an alternate payment method at online checkout.

Cash Discount: Prices displayed must include cost of credit card acceptance – discounts may then be offered for cash purchases

Does the surcharge apply to debit cards?

No. The surcharge is applied ONLY to credit card purchases.  If a debit card is presented for payment, a fixed rate of 1.25% is applied and charged to the merchant and the cardholder does not pay a surcharge. 

Are there state by state restrictions?

Applies to U.S. merchants only

Not allowed for merchant locations in any of the below prohibited states/territories – if a merchant operates in multiple states or territories where they have locations in a state/territory that prohibits surcharging and locations in a state that allows it, the rules do not prevent the merchant from surcharging at locations in the state that allows the practice

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Puerto Rico
  • Armed Forces

Merchants cannot apply surcharge to any CNP (non-retail) credit card transactions initiated by a cardholder whose billing address is in a prohibited state/territory (more details on the next slide)

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