It’s always a good thing when technology makes our lives easier.

If you currently have an active merchant account with Card Connect then you are going to receive complimentary access to the brand new:

Card Connect Merchant Center

The development team has been hard at work for months and there’s more to this great system than you might think.

If you’re looking for a new provider download one of our merchant account resource guides to help point you with your merchant account set up needs.

What do you get with access?

First off, this can (and should) replace the First Data Emerchant access and if I may be so bold, that’s a great thing!

It’s like trading in your 1989 Honda Accord for a brand new 2014!

The Card Connect Merchant Center is so much easier to use and the features that are extremely practical and useful.

The features include:

  • Account alerts
  • Multi-user access
  • Real-time authorizations
  • Chargeback notifications
  • Settlement reports
  • Archived statements (paperless statements)
  • And more…

There was talk about charging a monthly fee for the service because of all the added features that it comes with, but Card Connect felt that it was better to simply offer it to clients at no charge.

So again, this merchant center comes at no additional cost to you, as a client of Card Connect.

The interface

This is a screenshot (shown below) of the interface and as you can see, it is laid out with a very clean and efficient feel.

card connect merchant center

The tabs across the top read:


card connect home tab

So what do you get with each of these tabs?

With the merchant center, you will gain free access to nearly everything you need to manage your merchant account.

The settlement tab allows you to view transactions that have been sent out for settlement and you can download a csv report too.

Searches by cardholder name, store location, time frame or date range are all available to you.

Chargebacks are a never welcomed occurrence but when they do happen it will now be easier than ever to research the situation at hand.

You can view all the chargeback information including:

  • Last four digits of a customer’s card
  • Card type and settlement date
  • Chargeback date and case number
  • Dollar amount

This tab also includes information for the chargeback department to assist you with any issues you might come across.

More to come

There are additional features that are being worked on as we speak. The new features will be rolled out in the future and will simply be added to the merchant center options.

Such features include:

  • Billing and invoicing modules
  • Customizable alert and subscription fee options
  • Visual reporting and analytics
  • And more…

Get your free account

The merchant center is also a web gateway that will replace the need for or for example.

The gateway option has the ability to “talk” with Ingenico credit card terminals so you can achieve a fully integrated equipment solution.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can set up your Card Connect Merchant Center account.