Payment Processing Setup: Everything you’ll need to collect payments online!

Merchant Account for Keap CRM

This merchant account option gives you access to a lower cost, payment collection process with personal support and a hand-on implementation so you can easily accept payments from your customers within your Keap CRM account! (available with Keap Pro, Max and Max Classic

$23/month + 2.00% – 2.50% per transaction

Merchant Account

$23/month + 2.00% – 2.50% per transaction

Here’s what you get:


CardConnect Merchant Account which is a stable credit card processing option for retail, online, and/or mobile businesses


Interchange Plus Pricing that allows you to achieve a lower average cost to process credit cards month in and month out. Average rates are 2.00 – 2.50%

$ Gateway Setup tand we’ll even set up and connect your new merchant account to your Keap account so that it’s 100% ready to go!  


No Setup Fee and No Long Term Contract (i.e. everything is month to month agreement)

This Payment Solutions is available for these industries:

Here are just some of the many industries that we provide merchant account solutions for:  Retail Stores | Consulting/Coaching | Salons/Spas | Food & Beverage | Health & Fitness | Transportation | Home Repair Services | Beauty Salons | Contractors | Medical Offices | Chiropractors | HVAC | Roofing | Non-Profit Organizations | Dentists | Restaurants | and many more…!

Applicable uses for this payment system:


Online orders


Charge recurring monthly payments


Send/receive invoice payments


Phone order payments with a Virtual Terminal


Text payment links (with Keap)


Add "Pay Now" buttons to your website


Tablet payments through an app (iPad, and Android)


Payment Tracking and Reporting


Donation forms

Common Questions About This Payment System

How much will it cost?

The software is $23 per month and there are $0 setup fees. Each time you accept a credit card transaction you’ll pay a percentage rate that ranges from $2.00% to 2.50% on average.

How long does it take to set up?

The payment system only takes 24-48 hours from the point of application to immediate access. (approval is required for all accounts)

Do I have to have a website to use this payment page?

No. You can just use the hosted-for-you link and email/text it to your customers for payment.  A website is not needed, but if you have one, you can attach the page to your website.

How is the fee charged?

You simply pay the monthly $23 fee around the 1st of each month along with the applicable merchant processing fees.  The fees automatically come out of your bank account.

What types of businesses can use this system?

Nearly any type of business can offer benefit from this online payment page. If you’re accepting payments over the phone, online, or through invoices this system will work for you. 

Is there a contract?

Month-to-month contract with NO cancellation fee. There is also $0 setup cost.

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