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7 Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments WithOUT a Website

by Nov 16, 2018Online/Internet/Ecommerce, YouTube Videos

7 Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments WithOUT a Website

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Online/Internet/Ecommerce, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Do You Need a Website To Accept Credit Card Payments Online?

So this is a great question and I get this question all the time.  It goes along with another video that I did which covered the 5 broad categories for accepting credit card payments on your website, and the solutions that I’m going to give you in this video fit squarely into one category of that video.

So as I said, the short answer is:   NO you don’t need a website to accept credit card payments, and I’m gonna demonstrate that in this video but you do need access to a software service that is online that is yours to use

Most people who ask me that question are start up businesses, or they are new to taking payments online, and maybe they have had a website but never accepted payments on it, and the idea of doing that raises all sorts of questions.

So what I think what people are asking when they say this, is:  Do I have to have a full website built/developed in order to sell my products online.

Like, do I have to have a web developer and proper security and all that stuff…

So the first and main question to ask yourself is to determine what option is right for you is:  

And how do you accept the payments?

The reason that is important, is to know if your customer can pay you through an online website page OR if they need to interact with you in order to make the payment.

In other words, does your customer call in to an office to pay by reading the card over the phone … is it manual orders that you’re taking and you just need the payment portal to enter credit card data into?

If so, that a simple solution, you just need a virtual terminal that comes with most payment gateways….  But if you want your customer to enter the payment on a payment pay that exists online on behalf of your company, that’s the focus of today’s vide.

So I have put together 7 ways to accept credit card payments online, WITHOUT a website of your own.

SO you don’t need a website through wordpress, or Wix or Squarespace or any other Website provider.  You also don’t need to hire a professional to custom build you a website AND you don’t need any shopping cart solutions like BigCommerce or Shopify.

There’s certainly Nothing wrong those providers and solutions, they are actually very good options that I cover in other videos

But the bottom line is that I’m drawing a line in the sand between full website payment integrations  and simple, quick and easy software solutions that give you payment pages through a monthly software subscription

So to be clear, you connect a merchant account or a payment processing soltuion like paypl strip or square and the software generates a paymnt page that can be self hosted and will live online with a specificc website link that you can send and advertise to all your clients prospects!

You don’t need any website to take payments, at ALL to accept credit card payments from your customers !


7- Paypal.me

Simple Invoicing – Hosted payment links and the merchant account provided through PayPal

Monthly fees: $0

6 - Stripe + SimplyPay.me

Hosted payment links with Stripe as the payment processor

$20 per month plus merchant account fees

5- Merchant Account Hosted Payment Page

Most cost effective solution

CardConnect merchant account + CardPointe Hosted Payment Page


4- Virtual terminal with Phone Orders

This is the only option that is NOT a customer facing solution

Most cost effective one that I will give you is

CardConnect + CardPointe Virtual Terminal

$23 per month

3- Leadpages + Stripe

Leadpages + Stripe

Leadpages is a landing page, sales page and payment page builder. 

Leadpages starts at: $25/month

2- ThriveCart + Authorize.net + Merchant Account

At the time of this video, Thrivecart is not open to the public yet, but I am a partner with them so you can actually get access  and buy this software through the link in the description

When the software opens to the public is probably going to be somewhere between $60-90 per month.  

You can get ThriveCart Here

1- Infusionsoft + NMI + Merchant Account

Infusionsoft is an a VERY rubust automation software that can act as a CRM, landing page and sales page builder, and a payment/cart builder. 

It’s been my own CRM of choice for about 5 years now and I use it extensively. 

Infusionsoft starts at: $99/month and an NMI.com is typically $10 per month. 

In closing,

These are ways to accept credit card payments online, without having a website.  There’s other ways to get a credit card payments that involves mobile devices and that topic is for another video.

So if you learned something new today please consider giving this video a thumbs up and sharing it with a friend.

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