If you’re using the CardPointe hosted payment page, you can add billing plans and subscription plans option to the payment page for your customers to select. 

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START Tutorial

So to get started, you will need access to the hosted payment page editor, and specifically the Setup tab. 

If you don’t see the SETUP tab once you log in, you can request access to that tab by contacting Cardpointe support, or the sales partner that help set up your CardPointe account. 

It is extremely important to note, that when navigating this SETUP tab, there is information on the Merchant Account subtab as shown here that you should be very careful never to change. The reason, is that if any of these values are changed  it could affect the functionality of your page 

I’m referring specifically to the fields listed here  SO in general, just make sure to leave everything under the company logo as it is. 

IF you’d like to change your company logo, that’s okay, but just make sure you don’t change any of the other fields under the Merchant Account Subtab. 

To add a billing plan, you’ll come to the Recurring Billing Plans subtab, and set the field labeled “Allow Recurring Billing” to yes by making sure that the “yes” turns green. 

Next simply click the green “Add New Plan” button and a lightbox will pop up to configure the details of your billing plan. 

You’ll notice that the fields you have access to are very similar to the options available to you when setting a billing plan inside of the CardPointe Virtual Terminal. 

You can give the plan a name, which (on a side note) will show up on the public facing page and then move on to the rest of the fields.

You have a the ability to set the billing increments in days, weeks months or years, and then to set either a specific number of payments OR set the plan to bill indefinitely or until it’s cancelled.   If you select this option, you’ll have to manually cancel the plan in order to stop the billing. 

You can enter the plan dollar amount or leave it to be a “customer specified amount” by just checking this box. 

Finally you can enter the start day of the month  that you’d like the plan to take effect. If left blank as stated here in the instructions, the recurring billing plan date will be set to the same day as the first transaction. 

Once you have edited your plan and it is complete, you can review the “billing schedule preview” tab to get a preview of the payment schedule.  

Click the red X to close that box and be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom. 

IF you want to add a 2nd billing plan, you can do so by following the same procedure. 

If you add multiple billing plans here, when you save then they will all show up in a drop down menu on the customer facing payment page. 

For this demonstration we’ll add a 2nd payment plan. 

After you’ve saved your billing plans, 

Come to the DESIGN tab and make sure the Payment Page subtab is selected. 

Navigate to the Optional Input fields over on the left and find the Recurring Billing field 

Click, hold, and drag into the page where you want your billing plan field to show up and release. Often it’s best practice to put the Recurring billing plan toward the top of the page, right under the logo. 

MAKE sure to click SAVE, and you’re all done!

If we go to the live page, you can see that there are 2 payment options. 

The first is a  Pay Automatically field label which is an open ended dollar amount, and then you get the drop down menu where your customer can select the plan they want. 

If you have a total amount due field on the editor, when the customer selects a billing plan, it over-rides the open ended dollar amount box and pre fills the billing plan amount. 

If you’d like to remove the open ended Total Amount Due field, just go back to the Design Tab in the Hosted Payment Page editor and delete the “total amount due” field while leaving the “recurring billing” field there.  Click save and you’re all set. 

Finally,  You can view all active billing plans that are initiated from the Hosted Payment Page by clicking the PAYMENTS tab, and Subscriptions sub tab. All billing plans can be sorted by date and will show up here. 

Additionally, all payments make on this page, will show up in the reporting tab inside of your main CardPointe dashboard. 

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I’m Brian Manning and I’ll see you on the next one.