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CardPointe – 21 Quick Tips and Reminders About CardPointe

by Jul 18, 2018CardPointe, General Merchant Account, YouTube Videos

Welcome to this CardPointe “quick tips” training video. This is Brian Manning and I’m going to show you 21 quick tips and customizations that you should know about, when using CardPointe.

These might be things you never knew about in the first place OR or perhaps forgot but these are enhancements that will make your life easier when using CardPointe and

As demonstrated in other CardPointe training videos there’s a lot you can do with Cardpointe Platform in terms of integrations, reporting functionality and of course processing credit cards, but there’s also a lot of features that sometimes get overlooked because no one explained them to you OR your business needs have now changed and there is now a need where there previously was not.

So this is a reminder of everything that is available to you, as well as some helpful tips and you can download this list in PDF format by clicking the link in the description.

Here’s the list!

First, the mobile app:

  1. You have Access to the FREE mobile app – no matter what type of account you have or how you primarily process credit cards,  the app not only allow you to process transactions, it gives you real time reporting! That means that ANY transaction that came from a Cardpointe device you can see in real time on the app.
  2. Use the Mobile Card reader earphone extension – if you have a case on your phone and prefer not to take it off every time you use the card reader, you can buy an extension that looks something like this.  Please note that this extension is not officially supported by CardPointe, but it does work as long as you remember tip number 3,
  3. Keep the volume on your phone or mobile device turned all the way UP when using the mobile reader.
  4. Remember to charge the mobile reader when using it.  A charging cable is provided when you purchase the mobile reader.
  5. Use the Fingerprint scanner – available on iphone and android, you can enable the fingerprint reader, and when you open the app, your phone will automatically prompt you to sign in using your fingerprint.
  6. Use the “Catalog” function (this is great for quick sales and quick access to run transactions) so you can do things like: Easily create products with custom pricing and you can assign them to different categories.  Select products from the Catalog during checkout  and you can apply discounts if to a specific product or to the entire order. You can also offer your customers the ability to tip during checkout.
  7. Access to a CardPointe Hosted Payment Page:  it’s free to all CardPointes users – There’s lots of ways to use it so check the links in the description for detailed tutorials on the hosted payments page.
  8. Access to a Hosted Payment Page Editor –  You can do basic customizations yourself within the editor,  such as changing color schemes of the page itself, adding your own logo, and even adding or removing fields of entry
  9. Set PAY NOW buttons for the hosted payment page and having a button generator is a great way to add a “PAY NOW” button anywhere on your website just by copy and pasting the code.
  10. Ecommerce or shopping cart platforms.  integrations are available through Woocommerce, Magento, and CoreCommerce in a plug and play fashion.
  11. You can elect to send an emailed copy of the receipt automatically after a purchase through the virtual terminal or the app OR choose to send it per occurance, or not send it at all.  It’s up to you.
  12.  Customize the receipt subject line that your customers receive via email,  after making a payment to you through the virtual terminal.
  13. Automatically store customers into the Secure vault.  – nothing is stored on your local computer drive… everything is hosted and stored securely in the CardConnect customer vault.
  14. Turning on/off email notifications.  You can set the system to email you daily batch totals and customize it so that to receive notifications for other occurances such as a chargeback or a declined transaction
  15. You can change the time that the batch totals gets sent out.
  16. You can go paperless – statements are archived in the CardPointe Reporting dashboard
  17.   Add additional users to your account while controlling their permissions and limit what they are able to do by setting them as Standard Users
  18.  Adding required field to the additional fields – if you add a required field, a transaction cannot be completed without filling out this field
  19. Add an invoice line item to the virtual terminal AND choose to set whether it’s a required field.
  20. Detailed reporting – each transaction has a clickable link under the transaction # column inside of CardPointe reporting dashboard.
  21. Open a support ticket yourself right from the CardPointe dashboard by clicking the SUPPORT tab and choosing from the most applicable reason codes provided.


If this CardPointe tutorial was helpful, make sure to check the links in the description for the Frequently Asked Questions video which addresses additional commonly asked questions.

This is part of an ongoing series of CardPointe tutorials, merchant account trainings and payment page tutorials, so be sure to CLICK that subscribe button so you’ll receive notifications when future videos are posted.

Again, if this video was helpful, please give it a like, share it with your friends and comment below if you have questions.

I’m Brian Manning and thanks for watching.


Brian Manning

Bancardsales founder and 15 year payment processing veteran, Brian Manning has helped thousands of businesses streamline their electronic payment systems. With a healthy disdain for things like terminal leases and "lowest rate" guarantees he regularly advises on best practices to anyone setting up merchant account related solutions. Brian's mission and passion is to help business owners use their merchant account simply as one tool in the big picture of growing their own business and creating an experience that is positive and meaningful for their customers.


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