How to Change The Date and Time On A Verifone VX520 [Video]

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In this video I’m gonna show you how to make 2 specific changes on your verifone vx520 credit card terminal.

First: I’ll show you How to change or update the Date and Time on your terminal

And 2nd I’ll show you how to make sure it’s set to the correct 12 or 24 hour time format so that IF your terminal is programmed to auto settle each night it settles at the proper time.

The menu and options that you see on your terminal may vary slightly from the one you see here based on the processing company that you use.

If you’re having trouble making changes to your terminal and can’t get ahold of anyone to help you out, click the button on the screen now to schedule a call with me or someone on the team to help you out.

To Change the Date and Time

Start from the softpay HOME screen you’ll hit the green enter key

Next, select F2 which is the SETUP menu

And enter your system password password to get into the Setup Menu

The password is:

1 – <alpha> <alpha> 6 – 6 – 8 – 3 – 1 – <enter>

Then you’ll press the far left purple key under the screen 4 times until you see the DATE/TIME option

Press F4 to select the DATE and TIME option

Enter the 2 digit month and day, then the 4 digit year and then press enter

The next screen is where you’ll enter the time.

It’s best to enter the time in military format to make sure you get the correct time.

So for 4:00pm you enter 16, 00, 00 and hit enter and then press the RED X key 2 times to back out to the main softpay screen and you can see the correct date and time on the screen.

TO change the format from 12 hour to 24 hour

Hit the enter key, select setup and enter the same password as before.

Hit the down arrow key one time and locate the TERMINAL option which should be F2.

Then you’ll scroll through the options by hitting the PREVIOUS key 20 times, until you see the time format option.

You can select 12 or 24 hour and since this terminal is currently set to 12 hour format, we’ll select 24 then hit exit button and be sure to click OK to save the changes.

You can see that the time now reads 1600 hours..

So again that’s how to change the date and time on the Verifone VX520.

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