Today, we have a technical setup video on how to connect a merchant account to your Infusionsoft account AND how to create a basic payment page for your products or services.

Infusionsoft is a very robust CRM system complete with Payment Tracking, Invoicing tools, the ability to set up payment and billing processes as well as complete marketing automation.

In this video I’m going to get you started by showing you how to connect your merchant account and set up a payment page like this.

Now the things that are needed to make this happen is a merchant account (which is with CardConnect in this case), a gateway account (which is NMI) and of course an Infusionsoft account.

If you need help setting up any of those things, see the links in the description for details and specials.

So to start, log in to your Infusionsoft account hover over the Infusionsoft ICON, and come over to the eCommerce tab and click on the SETTINGS link.

Come down to PAYMENT PROCESSING section and select the MERCHANT ACCOUNT option

Then this drop down menu will allow you to select a payment gateway and these are the selections that are possible for you.

Now a payment gateway is different from a merchant account and they used in conjunction with one another for situations just like this, so if you don’t see your merchant account provider listed here, chances are, you can just add one of these preferred payment gateways to your merchant account and you’ll be all set.

However, if you’re not sure OR you need have a question on whether yours is compatible, there’s links in the description for details on setting up a new merchant account and web gateway that will plug into

The gateways that I prefer on this current list, is NMI or

The gateway is a great choice, AND will be the one that we set up in today’s video.

So you simply select the one you want from the dropdown and this box will pop up.

For Gateway all you need is your username and your password to and you’ll put them in here… it’s that simple.

The name field is an internal label that only you will see to identify the gateway within your Infusionsoft account.

Finally, you can select whether you want to put the new NMI gateway in test mode or LIVE mode.

If you’re setting up a payment workflow or you’re adding this as part of a campaign (which is very probably if you’re watching this video) you might want to leave it in TEST mode so that you can build the payment page and TEST it to make sure that it redirects to your custom thank you page

 I’ll save that and we’ll head over and start creating our first payment page.

So again hover over the Infusionsoft icon and this time select ecommerce setup.

We’re going to add an order form for a consulting service in this example.

The order form is the payment page, and with every order form that you create, you can add a product for someone to purchase on that form.

So first, let’s create the product first by clicking on the product tab and the ADD PRODUCT button at the top

Add your product name and select whether it’s a digital service or a product, and click save.

You can add the product dollar amount here, and make sure that it’s active.

You can add a short description which does show up on order forms and shopping cart pages that you create as noted right here.

Click save and move on to the next tab.

You have SUBSCRIPTION PLANS which allows you to automatically make this product part of a recurring payment for a membership for example.

If you want to add an image of the product you can do that right here and it even gives you recommended image sizes.  …click browse to grab an image from your desktop, to upload.

Then come over and view your link by clicking on it.

This is the raw payment page skin that someone could use, but we’re gonna dress it up a bit with some of the order form themes that Infusionsoft has built in for you.

So come back to E-Commerce Setup and this time select Order Forms,  then click Create New,… Name your order form and click save.

The first option that you get is to assign the product to this order form.

So we’ll just start typing the name of our product that we just added and the auto suggest will pull it up and just click on it…. Then click ADD PRODUCT.

You have an option here to restrict customers ability to change the quantity so if that is applicable to your product or service, just check here and it will be for this example so I’ll check it.

Next is the theme option. And the theme is what the page will look like. It’s the design. It’s what’s going to “dress up” the basic page that we just looked at.

With each of these themes you have the ability to customize the layout and infusionsoft gives you a handful of theme options that you can start with and modify or just use as they are.

For this tutorial I’m not going to cover complete theme modification, but just know that you can do it.

For example you can set Theme template #1 to have one column and Theme number 2 to have 2 columns and you can also modify the colors and other elements with the HTML code options which we’ll save for another video.

Next is the thank you page option. You can select a default thank you page which is hosted by infusionsoft and you can customize and edit this page right here.

If you want to direct your customer to a special thank you page, you can add a custom URL by selecting the WEB ADDRESS option here and typing in your web url of your thank you page.

Then come to the SETTINGs tab and again select the merchant account gateway that we added at the beginning of the video to tell infusionsoft which merchant account you want to collect money with for this payment page and product… then click save and you’re ready to grab your links by clicking on the LINKS tab.

The order form URL is here and the custom URL is right here. Both are going to give you the same payment page, but the custom URL option gives you a payment link that contains the name of the product within it.

Click on either one to preview and you can see your new payment page looks like this!

Since it’s in test mode, you can fill out all of the data to make sure that everything is  working properly and it’s directing your customers to the right page after their purchase.

Once you’re ready to go live, just come back to the Ecommerce settings under the merchant account tab and make the and switch the merchant account gateway option LIVE mode.

Then you’re ready to add this payment page to one of your workflows within Infusionsoft and start accepting payments.

So that’s how to link your merchant account within Infusionsoft and how to add your first payment form.

If you’re interested in more payment automation and making pages like this part of your marketing workflow, be sure to hit the subscribe button to get future tutorials that are on the topics of Merchant accounts, payment page builders, software tools and workflows that tie all of them together!

Again all the references in this video are linked in the description including links to the payment page we just built in this video.

I publish weekly tutorial style videos that are on the topics of making the process of collecting payments and getting paid, simple, and efficient.

I’m Brian manning, thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.