Protecting your customers’ credit card number and sensitive data is important.

Perhaps your business has a need to charge a customer more than once for services rendered and you are looking for a way to do so without storing their information in a paper file and manually entering the information each time it’s needed.

Maybe you need to charge a customer each month for an ongoing service or perhaps you’ve allowed a payment plan for your product or service.

Either way, there is an easy way to store customer information in a secure environment while allowing you to easily access the information at any point for future use.

Introducing the Vault function through the gateway – let’s take a look at how to store a customer profile in the Customer Vault.

“Set it and forget it”

It’s very simple: you enter a customer profile, tell the system when, how much and how often to charge and click “submit.”

I’m not saying you should entirely “forget it” after you’ve entered a customer profile to be charged, but it is possible to set the payment to automatically charge and you can even specify the duration of the charges.

The screenshot below shows that the customer will be charged once per month, you’ll see that the payment has been set with the following instructions:

  • $50 charge
  • 1 charge per month on the 1st
  • First charge Starts on December 12th 2013
  • 5 charges will be made.

So this customer will be billed a total of $250 over the period of five months starting on the 12th of December 2013 and ending once the fifth and final payment is made on April 12th 2014.

NMI Payment Gateway

Again, from the screenshot you can see that it is possible to select (and change) the following information according to your requirements:

  • Day of the month the charge is made
  • How often (the intervals) the charge is made
  • How long the recurring payment is set for (how many payments made)
  • The exact date the charge will start

A huge time saver

All of the functions available to you in the gateway make it extremely easy for you to stretch out payments made to your customer(s) while saving time for you and your staff.

The only thing you need to do is just monitor your batch deposits to ensure that the payments are clearing each month. Of course the reporting system within the gateway will allow you to track payments by customer ID which is assigned by you.

The software automatically charges your customers card each month (or day, or week, or year) according to what you told it to do. Complete flexibility

It just takes about 3 minutes to complete the process of entering a customer profile into the Vault database and you’re ready to move on to the next task.

If you and/or your staff are spending an hour or more manually entering transactions into a counter top credit card terminal you might actually save money in wages each month – despite the cost of the gateway – by letting a computer do it for you each month.

In case you’re wondering, you can use the Customer Vault along with your already existing counter top credit card terminal if you would like to keep it.


Pricing is really quite simple.

The gateway is regularly priced at $10.00 per month with a $5 addition if you choose to use the Vault function.

It’s a flat fee for access to the website, which is password protected.

In addition to the flat monthly fee there is a $.05 transaction fee.

There’s no setup cost or additional fees that needs to be paid.

PCI compliance

The Vault was specifically designed for those who have concerns for remaining PCI compliant. Since the PCI Data Security Standard holds any merchant liable for a breach wherever it resides, the gateway and all of its components are certainly compliant.

Making life easier

Using the Vault function makes a lot of sense if you have the need for recurring payments.

The ease of use and the simple functionality make this addition to your merchant account a no-brainer. If you have a need or interest in adding a payment gateway to your existing (or new) merchant account contact us today.