3 Simple Steps to Collecting Payments Online with Hosted Invoice Links [FREE Tool]

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If you’re collecting payments (online or over the phone) from your customers/clients you’ll want to talk a look at this free solution.

There’s a new tool that allows you to create invoices with a hosted payment link that you can send to your clients via email, text, or IM and you can even embed it on your website.

It’s called, SimplyPay.ME

There’s no need to have your client read a credit card over the phone anymore, just create an invoice link, instantly send it to them, and they can pay you through a secure hosted payment link!

It’s kind of like a Freshbooks, Quickbooks or Paypal.me invoice, except it’s a WHOLE lot simpler.

This is ideal for coaches and consultants, trainers, speakers, and service providers of all kinds.

So if you’ve ever struggled with the hassle of setting up online payment forms, and you want to simplify the process of taking payments from your remote customers, here’s your solution.


How does it work?

Of course it’s simple, it’s in the name. There’s no programming needed, and no technical setup at all.

Just 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Create an account for FREE from the homepage at https://simplypay.me Only basic information is required as shown below.

The next page you’ll fill out your payment provider of choice.

The current merchant account options are:

Once you enter your merchant account of choice, you’re ready for the 2nd step.


Step 2: Just grab the link by clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” link like this:

Step 3: Send the link to get paid! The payment screen your customer sees will look like this:

Yes, It’s really that simple and straightforward. While your customer is paying the invoice, you can choose a password to finalize your FREE account. The software is completely free to use, so head over an take it for a test drive. So, once again, a FREE account can be created at: https://simplypay.me

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