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CardPointe Mobile Device – Swiping, Charging AND Using Earphone Extension For Case

by Sep 8, 2017CardPointe, YouTube Videos

This is the CardPointe mobile credit card reader, and I’m going to show you how to run a live transaction using a mobile device.

So you’ll get a look at the hardware, how to charge the unit…,  AND I’ll show you how to use the mobile reader without removing your phone from the case.

So let’s log into the app and get started.


Application – Setup

Today I’m going to demonstrate a LIVE transaction so you can see how easy it is to run a swiped transaction with the Cardpointe mobile credit card processing app.

If you haven’t installed the CardPointe mobile app yet, this is what the ICON looks like and I’ll post a link to the setup video in the description.


Charging the Device

First off, it’s important to remember, that this device needs to be charged.

Some of the old devices on the market did not require a charge, but with the introduction of EMV (chip cards) most of the mobile devices on the market are moving toward requiring a charge.

It’s very simple to do and it comes with a charger.

Just plug it in here, and connect it to any wall charger or the USB port on your computer exactly the same way you’d charge your cell phone.

Right out of the box, the red light will appear to let you know that it’s plugged in, and once it’s charged, it will turn to green.

A full charge should last you the entire day and it take about 30 – 45 minutes to reach full charge.

So in the future if you ever find that the mobile card reader is not working, one of the things to check is whether the battery has a charge on it.

Once it’s charged, you’re ready to connect the device.

Plug It In and Turn Up the Volume (the extension)

Now, if you have a cell phone case, like many people do, you may find that the card reader won’t fit properly because the case prevents the reader from being able to be plugged in all the way.

Since it is important to get a solid connection and plug it in all the way until it clicks, you have 2 options.

#1- is to remove the case during the times you’ll use the reader, but since that’s somewhat inconvenient…

#2- is to get a headphone jack extension that will allow you to plug the reader in, EVEN when the case is on.

Depending on where your headphone jack is located on your phone you’ll plug in the reader with the CardPointe logo facing up, or the same direction as the top of your phone.

There’s a link in the description (Shown at the top of this Blog Post) for this particular headphone extension

As you’re plugging in, make sure the volume and the microphone of the phone is turned up all the way.

The reader gets it’s signal from the sound jack so if the volume is down on your phone or device, the reader won’t work as well, and may not read the card at all… so make sure the volume is turned up.


Run The Transaction

Once you have the app installed, open it up and the dashboard will appear.

Just tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select virtual terminal and proceed with processing the transaction by following the simple prompts.

Type a dollar amount in, and click proceed to payment.

At this point the screen will prompt you to either search for a customer profile by clicking the search magnifying glass OR you can swipe the card reader.

Again, make sure that the CardPointe logo is facing up as you hold it in your hand, and the magnetic stripe on the card will face up as you swipe either left to right OR right to left.

The direction of the swipe doesn’t matter.

Upon successful swipe the CardPointe mobile app will prompt you to process the transaction and you can simply confirm by clicking OK.

Hand the device to your customer for signature and and then simply choose, PROCEED.

After email confirmation, the screen will reload to the default virtual terminal option so you can run another transaction.

Then of course, you can view this transaction on both the DASHBOARD tab, and the reporting tab of the CardPointe Mobile app.  If you want specific details of a transaction go to the Reporting tab and click into the transaction.


Final notes

So here’s a recap and a couple reminders.

1- make sure the device is fully charged

2- turn the volume and microphone of your mobile phone up when the card reader is in use

3- check the link in the description for the headphone jack extension

4- and finally, remember that you CAN use the mobile app without the mobile reader if you run out of batteries or you forget it at home instead of.



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Share this video with your friends and comment below if you have any questions about the functionality of anything covered in this video or anything related to CardPointe.


I’m Brian Manning and I’ll see you next time.

Here’s the HeadPhone Jack Extension Shown in This Video (above):

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