Welcome to this video on customizing cardpointe

We’re gonna go over how to run transactions in the virtual terminal and how to store customer profiles within Cardpointe.

Once you’re logged in, From the VIRTUAL TERMINAL screen, you’ll simply start typing the name of the customer, which by default is the only field that is required. The little astericks next to the field title denotes a required field.

If you have the billing address you’ll type it here… and if you want to email a copy of the receipt you’ll need to gather the email address, type it in here and check the box to email a copy of the receipt.

To enter the credit card number just come over here to the mock credit card image and enter:
1- the card number,
2- The 3 digit code on the back of the card
3- And the expiration date

Before you enter the dollar amount of the transaction, you’ll notice an option to check this box that says “STORE CUSTOMER PROFILE”.

This gives you the option to store the customer profile into the CardConnect servers which means, that you are completely removed from the liability of storing any cardholder data on your own servers, which is the way you want it to be

Then you’ll come down and type in the dollar amount of the transaction and click “process transaction”

If once you have stored customer profile into the vault you can pull up that customer profile in the future by simply coming to the search field above the mock credit card image and searching for the customer or company name

You’ll see that the search bar auto suggests fields match what you’re typing.

Once you see the profile that you want , just hover your mouse over it and click and all the customer fields populate for you to run a new transaction

One more thing to note, is that IF a customer of your has two cards that they want to put on file with you, you can add a 2nd card to their profile by just clicking the “ADD NEW CARD button and a new blank field with come up

Once you fill out the new card information it will store that card in association with that customer and ask you to set a default card for future charges or future billing plan which is covered in another video.

In order to make the “STORE CUSTOMER PROFILE” field a default setting here’s what you do.

Click on the ADMINISTRATION tab on the right side of the top menu bar

And when the sub menu loads, click the VIRTUAL TERMINAL

Then find the “Store Profiles by Default” field , and check it, and then be sure to save the changes down at the bottom.

When you click on the VIRTUAL TERMINAL tab again, you’ll notice that the STORE CUSTOMER PROFILE option is automatically checked

So that’s how you run transactions and store customer profiles in the cardpointe virtual termianl

If you haven’t set up your Cardpointe online account yet, follow the links in the description to set up an appointment with myself or another specialist and be sure to like this video.

I’m brian manning and thanks for watching.