Cardpointe Virtual Terminal – “How To Add and Invoice Number & Other Custom Fields” Video Transacript

If you want to add and option to enter an invoice number or other custom field in Cardpointe online, this video will show you how.

In fact if you  want to customize the virtual terminal checkout process within the Cardpointe I’ll show you how to add your own custom fields such as NOTES or other Internal Customer fields, and how to set those fields to be optional or manditory if you choose

Here’s what to do

You’ll come over to ADMINISTRATION tab and click the USER FIELDS sub tab.

Cardpointe Administration Tab

Cardpointe Administration Tab

As you can see there are 10 open user fields that you can customize.

So let’s add an invoice number and a General Notes field to our receipt by checking this box to make each of those two fields active.

I have prefilled these labels into the account that you’re seeing right now so in your account these boxes will be blank.

The LABEL column is the title of the field descriptor and is what shows up on virtual terminal screen once you save these changes.

You have the option to add each unique field to either the customer profile or the transaction detail section on the virtual terminal screen.

We’ll click back over there in just a second to show you  what I mean.

I’m going to add the invoice # to the transaction detail section, and the General Notes field to the customer profile

I’m gonna make the invoice number required by checking this box here… and the general notes will be optional so I’ll leave it unchecked.

I’ll save the changes and and come back over to the Virtual Terminal tab

When I scroll down you’ll see the new fields have been added.

You’ll notice that the general notes field appears right here giving you the option to make notes on a specific transaction and the Invoice number appears down here in the transaction detail…

You can also see that it has an astericks next to it denoting a required field in order to process the transaction.

These additional fields will show up on the transaction details page when you  go into the reporting tab and view this transaction.

Lastly, If you want to add additional fields or modify existing fields you can do so by just coming back to the Administration tab and making the necessary changes just as i’ve shown you here

If you have any other questions about adding or deleting custom fields within cardpointe, just click the link in the description box to get in touch

I’m Brian Manning and thanks for watching.