This is one of the PayPal Buttons the button featured in this video:

Add Paypal To WordPress Website – Paypal Donate Button, Paypal Pay Now Button VIDEO TRANSACRIPT

What’s up everyone,

Today I’m gonna show you how to add a PayPal button like this to your website, step by step

So we’re gonna get logged in and I’ll show you how to use the button generator that paypal gives you and how to install the button on a wordpress website page or post.

So let’s log in and get started.


So I thought I’d do this tutorial to show the simplicity of paypal and how easy it is to add a payment button.

There is defninatley more than one way to add paypal to your website espcially with all the plugins available within WordPress and all the different wordpress themes there’s more than one way to do this.

so we’re gonna be very specific with WordPress, and the buy now or donate options that you have access to. ,

If you’ve seen my videos before, you know that I don’t recommend that you use paypal as a MAIN merchant account or payment processing option, but if you’re looking for something quick and easy to set up,,, this video will show you how.


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